For long-term sustainable development

Getinge feels a considerable sense of responsibility to contribute to sustainable development in terms of both lower environmental impact from production and finished products and social responsibility in the markets in which the company operates.

As a global manufacturer of medical devices and services,
Getinge has operations in many locations across the world, and
its employees represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
With this comes responsibility – both locally and globally.

The Getinge Group’s sustainability efforts also aim to ensure
the Group’s long-term earnings capacity and strengthen the
company’s competitiveness. The sustainability efforts have a
favorable impact on the Group’s ability to attract and retain both
customers and employees, which is crucial for the continued
development of Getinge.

Environmentally compatible product development, EcoDesign,
is also part of Getinge’s development activities. Quarterly
environmental reporting from all of the Group’s production units
provides excellent opportunities for follow-ups and comprises the
basis for decisions concerning environmental goals and activities
in the environmental area.

Getinge Group strives to make positive contributions to the
countries in which the company is active. While employees are
encouraged to actively participate in social issues, the company
does not make any contributions to political parties and makes no
political donations.

Getinge has signed the UN Global Compact and supports the
ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption.
In addition, Getinge’s sustainability work is governed
by the Group’s Code of Conduct and a number of policies on, for
example, environment and anti-corruption.